Mechanical Engineering

Systems Engineering and CAD Applications

Systems Engineering and CAD Applications
Principles and practices involved in systems engineering and design with related applications in advanced CAD models generation, optimization, and automation.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesME EN 272 & ME EN 570 & STAT 201
 ProgramsContaining ME EN 578
Course Outcomes: 

Programming Proficiency

Proficiency in Visual Basic/C/C programming applied to engineering problems.

Commercial CAD API Toolkits

Master programmatic wireframe, surface and solid modeling techniques through the use of commercial CAD API toolkits, e.g. CATIA or NX.

Analysis Models

Learn and demonstrate programmatic creation and manipulation of analysis models via CAE API toolkits, e.g. HyperMesh, Nastran, ANSYS, Gambit, Fluent, ADAMS, etc


Use and program Isight to optimize programmatic CAD/CAE applications.

Database Structures

Understand database structures and how to programmatically create, access, control, etc. the data.


Develop a proof-of-concept for an industry or research sponsored application.


Work in collaboration with fellow teammates to accomplish both the learning of the CAx tools and the executing of the industrial project.