Church Board of Education and Board of Trustees

President Russell M. Nelson
President Dallin H. Oaks
First Vice Chairman
President Henry B. Eyring
Second Vice Chairman
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Board Member
Elder David A. Bednar
Board Member
Elder Quentin L. Cook
Board Member
Elder Dale G. Renlund
Board Member
Elder Donald L. Hallstrom
Board Member
Elder Robert C. Gay
Board Member
Bishop Gérald Caussé
Board Member
Sister Jean B. Bingham
Board Member
Sister Bonnie H. Cordon
Board Member
Brother Stephen W. Owen
Board Member
Mark B. Woodruff

Office of the Commissioner of Church Education

Elder Kim B. Clark
Mark B. Woodruff
Assistant to the Commissioner

Office of the President of Brigham Young University

Kevin J. Worthen
James D. Gordon III
Assistant to the President
- Planning and Assessment
Michael R. Orme
Assistant to the President
- General Counsel
Steve Sandberg
Deputy General Counsel
Carri P. Jenkins
Assistant to the President
- University Communications

Administrative Officers

James R. Rasband
Academic Vice President
Craig H. Hart
Associate Academic Vice President
- Faculty
Alan R. Harker
Associate Academic Vice President
- Research and Graduate Studies
Brad Lee Neiger
Associate Academic Vice President
- Undergraduate Studies
Sandra Rogers
International Vice President
Jeffrey F. Ringer
Associate International Vice President
J. Kelly Flanagan
Vice President
- Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Nate Hatch
Assistant VP Technology
Brian K. Evans
Administrative Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Brad Taylor
Assistant Administrative Vice President
- Human Resource Services
Carr Krueger
Assistant Administrative Vice President
- Auxiliary & Program CS
Ole M. Smith
Assistant Administrative Vice President
- Physical Facilities
Mark Clegg
Director, BYU Store
Richard P. White
University Treasurer
Janet S. Scharman
Student Life Vice President
Ronald K. Chapman
Associate Student Life Vice President
Vernon L. Heperi
Associate Student Life Vice President
- Dean of Students
Matthew O. Richardson
Advancement Vice President
McKay Christensen
Managing Director
- Alumni and External Relations

Academic Units (Colleges)

Ancient Scripture
Keith P Vorkink, Associate Dean
Michael Paul Thompson, Associate Dean
Steven Morris Glover, Associate Dean
Jeremiah John Christenot, Assistant Dean
Church History and Doctrine
Continuing Education
Continuing Education
Darin R Oviatt, Associate Dean
Continuing Education
John E Taylor, Associate Dean
Lynnette Bloom Erickson, Associate Dean
Tina Taylor Dyches, Associate Dean
Al H Merkley, Assistant Dean
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering and Technology
Wade V Wilding, Associate Dean
Engineering and Technology
Jim L Trent, Assistant Dean
Family Home and Social Sciences
Family Home and Social Sciences
Kelly D Patterson, Associate Dean
Family Home and Social Sciences
Samuel M Otterstrom, Associate Dean
Family Home and Social Sciences
Joseph A Olsen, Assistant Dean
Family Home and Social Sciences
Scott Dunaway, Assistant Dean
Fine Arts and Communications
Fine Arts and Communications
Amy Petersen Jensen, Associate Dean
Fine Arts and Communications
Jeremy N Grimshaw, Associate Dean
Fine Arts and Communications
Rory Rahn Scanlon, Associate Dean
Fine Arts and Communications
Scott M Boyter, Assistant Dean
Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies
James Crane, Assistant Dean
Honors Program
Spencer P Magleby, Associate Dean
Frank Quinn Christianson, Associate Dean
George Browning Handley, Associate Dean
Ray Thomas Clifford, Associate Dean
Dave Waddell, Assistant Dean
International and Area Studies
Renata A Forste, Director
Law School
Gayla Sorenson, Assistant Dean
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Eric N Jellen, Associate Dean
Life Sciences
Laura Clarke Bridgewater, Associate Dean
Life Sciences
Michael D Barnes, Associate Dean
Life Sciences
Russell G Nielson, Assistant Dean
Kathryn Whitenight, Assistant Dean
Religious Education
Religious Education
Robert C Freeman, Associate Dean
Student Life
Vernon L Heperi, Dean of Students
Student Life
Casey Peterson, Associate Dean
Student Life
Sarah Westerberg, Associate Dean
Student Life
James Slaughter, Assistant Dean
Undergraduate Education
Undergraduate Education
Carolyn Tuitupou, Assistant Dean
Undergraduate Education
Phillip D Rash, Assistant Dean

Instructional Units (Departments)

BYU Conference Center
BYU Salt Lake Center
Scott L Howell, Director
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Communication Disorders
Comparative Arts and Letters
Computer Science
Conferences and Workshops
Counseling Psychology and Special Education
David M. Kennedy Center
Renata Forste, Director
Educational Leadership and Foundations
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Especially for Youth Programs
J D Hucks, Director
Evening Classes
Jeff Fox, Director
Exercise Sciences
Experience Design and Management
French and Italian
Geological Sciences
German and Russian
Health Science
Independent Study
Russell Bryant, Associate Director
Independent Study
Veldon Law, Associate Director
Instructional Psychology and Technology
Marketing and Global Supply Chain
Mathematics Education
Mechanical Engineering
Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Military Science
Nutrition Dietetics and Food Science
Physics and Astronomy
Physiology and Developmental Biology
Plant and Wildlife Sciences
Political Science
School of Accountancy
School of Communications
School of Music
School of Social Work
Teacher Education
Theatre and Media Arts

Academic Support Services

Lori Gardiner, Director
Executive Directors Office
Christian J Faulconer, Executive Director
Financial Aid
Stephen E Hill, Director
Institutional Assessment and Analysis
Danny R Olsen, Director
Instructional Applications Services
Monte F Shelley, Director
Instructional Technology Center
Paul Hardin, Director
OIT Support Services
Office of Research and Creative Activities
Gary Reynolds, Director
Barry Allred, Director
School of Family Life
Dean M Busby, Director

Professional Institutes and Programs

English Language Center
Master of Business Administration
Grant R McQueen, Director

Academic Areas

Bachelor of General Studies
Trav Johnson, Director
Center for Language Studies
Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies
J R Kearl, Director

Advisement Centers

Randall Smith, Director
Engineering and Technology
Pam Williamson, Director
Fine Arts and Communications
Dave Waddell, Director
International and Area Studies
Anna Ortiz, Director
Life Sciences
Cara Wiley, Director
Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Shane Jorgenson, Director
University Advisement Center
Karen Evans, Director

Research Centers and Institutes

Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance
Center for Service and Learning
Chris Crippen, Director
Center for Statistical Research
Center for Teaching and Learning
Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling
Charles Redd Center for Western Studies
Brian Q Cannon, Director
Comprehensive Clinic
Dean Barley, Director
Earth Science Museum
Rodney Scheetz, Director
Family Studies Center
Human Performance Research Center
Kay and Yvonne Whitmore Global Management Center
R Bruce Money, Director
Life Sciences
Joshua Adam Stowers, Associate Director
Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum
Leigh A Johnson, Assistant Director
Museum of Art
Museum of Peoples and Cultures
Paul R Stavast, Director
National Middle East Language Resource Center
Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship
Office for the Study of Christian Values in Literature
Daniel K Muhlestein, Associate Director
Religious Studies Center
Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
Wheatley Institution

Other Areas of Service

Academic Support
Scott D Hosford, Director
BYU Store
Mark Clegg, Director
Douglas J Lee, Director
Computer-Aided Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing Center
J Brent Smith, Manager
Counseling and Career Center
Dining Services
Dean A Wright, Director
Employee Relations
R Scott Elkins, Director
Employment Services (Staff and Administrative)
Wade Ashton, Manager
Faculty Relations
Honor Code Office
Spencer Hawkins, Director
Intercollegiate Athletics
Thomas A Holmoe, Director
International Cinema Program
International Student Services
Samuel D Brown, Director
Multicultural Student Services
Publications and Graphics
Jeff McClellan, Director
Residence Life
Student Health Services
Rulon J Barlow, Director
University Accessibility Center
University Police
Larry A Stott, Director
Women's Services and Resources
Tiffany Turley, Director